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CLARK ADDRESS for F.I.B.E.R. introduction—inciting darkness, courage, up-Rising, No-Thingness into a Some-Slump-Thingness Hello all, My title is Clark, earth-commissioner for the F.I.B.E.R. organization and, quite frankly, secretary and scribe for SYNKHRA, goddess of Music & Pie. I’ve been asked to speak on the recent earth-autumnal-equinox event and its reminder of spiraling time prompting spiritual closures, darkness in art and sound and our current, ominous political reality. Of course, I will also talk a bit of an invitation for you all to join our F.I.B.E.R. network, Feminists Improving Boundless, Eternal Rock ’N Roll in the spacetime portal of Earth, Gaia. More on this in the forthcoming hoops. I cannot speak about art, our Now-harvest season or the spirituality of darkness without speaking about movement, Seattle gloom churning the Seattle freeze, blithering soil, inconsistent foodways, vulnerability, marked change, murky lurking, the digestion of our Guts, blindness, nuclear warfare arriving from the trappings of the nuclear family—these notions of obscurity, loam and the courageous sanctity of Outrage we are told is wrong by a cranky, outdated and very patriarchal system. This loam, a global call to return healthy soil to healthy soil, is also a loom. The loam, a loom—the act of weaving and extending knowledges into Outrageous Courageousness. The loamy soil as a loomy toil that requires us all to laugh—a guttural throwing out of our mutual, raging darkness—a dark pooling of Joy-as-Existence. We as a planet-ship have slipped past the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn equinox and now all of our nights will officially be longer than our days // until we arrive at the Winter Solstice. Darkness, defined by Homo sapiens as, “the polar opposite of brightness,” is what we often understand as an absence of visible light—or more importantly for the Imaginative Creators gathered here today—an increasingly achromatic state that edges toward blackness. But is this all that darkness truly is? Darkness is not emptiness. Darkness is so often spread as a lack of light. But what if brightness were observed as a lack of darkness? What would change in this society—would America be so prone toward a culture of looking, of capitalistic and colonized looking? And why is none on this planet discussing the coming extinction of the earth-bound experience of total & true darkness? Light is evading all hours in all spaces—from smartphones to all-night fast food diners to truck stops to offices that never blink out their luminous production lines to forest fires that burn for days from the climate change that feminists have been clanging about since the 1960s. Humans want all their holes to be scrubbed clean with white-lightness. Children and adults alike are often asked if they are afraid of the dark…but what of the darkness is truly frightening? The absence of light? Darkness’ call to reflect on our own inner-ness and intra-ness instead of the surfaces of objects and subjects light dances upon? In terms of physics, an object is said to be dark when it absorbs photons, causing it to appear dim compared to other objects. For example, matte black paint does not reflect much visible light and appears dark, whereas white paint reflects lots of light and appears bright. Thus, the more colors an object has within the more darkness it exhumes. An object may also appear dark but it may be bright at a frequency that humans cannot perceive. Tricky! Perhaps our fear of the darkness is a fear of the unknown, of having to rely on our ears instead of our eyes, of realizing that black is beautiful and powerful and magic. A fear founded by the patriarchs--a fear of our Own dazzlingness. Yet...our fears creep on and we hide ourselves from one another and cast other species aside as inferior to our human racings. The patriarchy scrambles through technologies of devastation to combat the very darkness the patriarchs have condemned--the darkness of Gaia, the earth, the wormy crawling of night and spooky calls of coyotes, owls, monkeys, barn swallows, circadian rhythms, etc. that open our ears up to spaces and places unseen. I, personally, am outraged over this and want to find space for my Outrageousness in the darkness--in the underground where seeds, a true material form of collective knowledge, are planted to change, develop & burst forth into life. Seeds are truly amazing. This chaotic life of seeds and underbelly dark is the enemy of the death-managing patriarchal system and it is this intrawoven, Loomy Loamy Life that my inquiries on the connections between darkness and courageousness and divine Feminine Outrage sashay upon: How can we as creators use spiritual darknesses in all Our sliminess to our advantage for building an Archaic, Feminist Future? We are quite aware that modern technology promotes fragmentation of relationships and creates independence and isolation. It also sustains colonialism and neo-colonialism through the opening of networks that were once restricted to individual communities; nations or continents have become globalized through the latest innovations in communication technologies. But these communications are not communions. How then can spirituality be part of a commodity that promotes loss of identity, feelings of insecurity, and the entrenchment of inequality? In order to make sense of spirituality in a world of male-driven science, we must employ a feminist, anti-colonial, discursive framework to expound the notion of using our technology and Outrage as if the world matters. As if the matter we are matters. As if each body, with Our multitudes of darknesses, wholes, cavities, hairy pits, jungle vines, oozing sores, needle habits, queer glossings, brown/black/red/yellow silkiness and greasy root systems, matters into material mattering. By attending to ourselves as whole beings, we are able to engage with each other's magical, spiritual power in a mutually respectful way. Vulnerability and the darkness of not knowing expand our awarenesses of our Selves. In sharing who we were as whole beings, we will be able to re-affirm in a very real sense that, in spite of our diversity, we are all connected and related as an earth-bound family of multiple species and sentiments. We come to acknowledge what seems like an old knowing of darkness -- that we all come from the same source or root, spreading our strengths in the deep, damp underground--understanding. This is why, as dark, spiritual feminists, we must rupture the hegemonic practice whereby technologies are predominantly used for destructive ends. We contend that our Mother Planet is at a most critical juncture. We live within the context of a dominant, colonizing, capitalist and Eurocentric Western system. Within this context we, as members of the human family, are differently positioned subjects. We are positioned differently on the basis of race, culture and faith traditions, gender, sexual identity, class, and ability. These are all rupturing devices concocted by the boring Borefathers of Patriarchy. SYNKHRA, one of the many faces of the grand Goddesses woven throughout the multiverse, dances Us into combatting the rupture with nurturing--nurturing as Outrageous, Creative & Courageous Joy. Can I ask you all to do me a favor? Can you cackle with me for a few moments? I mean really CACKLE! Throw your throats back with all your anger and let out a cackle...some happiness that is also rage that is also darkness that is also light. Thank you. See? Outrageous, Contagious Courage impels Darkness Loving Feminists to break out from the domain of the deadheads--the patriarchs--which is marked by a poisonous need to please. Why should we work to please the system that asks us to remove the pleasures of existence?